How well can you do 2 things at one time?

I’m not talking about putting a load of washing on and while that’s going, hop on over to the kitchen and whip up the evening meal. I don’t consider that multitasking because you are actually only doing one thing at a time. That’s doing one thing after the other.

Try doing this…

men multi tasking test

Do you have access to a stop watch right now?

OK, start the clock and time yourself counting out aloud from 1 to 26.

Write down your time.

Right, now time yourself saying the alphabet out aloud.

Write down your time.

Add up both of these times to that you’ve written down to complete both of these tasks.

Now, we’ll do both at the same time. One could argue that you are literally, multitasking.

Say out aloud, 1, a, 2, b, 3, c etc…

Time this and write down your time.

How did you go?

We seem to hang on to this phrase of multitasking as doing many things at once. In many cases I’m not sure how effective that is.

I recently read an interesting post from another Daddy Blogger – A Woman’s Work Is Never Done Or Should It Be A Mans Work As Well?
which takes up the popular gender discussion surrounding multitasking. [Spoiler alert – Not all men are hopeless around the house]

I have no issue with multitasking referring to completing many tasks one after the other.

I often prove to myself that the best way to get through stuff that needs to be done is to write a list first – Then tick them off as you go. One by one.

Love those ticks! Just don’t let any of them burrow into your foot 🙂

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